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Hampton Court Flower Show 2019

About the Shoot

For years now, I have been part of the photography team for Viking Cruises. In 2019, Viking were the lead sponsor of the Hampton Court flower show, so I was commissioned to attend and photograph the event for them.

The brief was reasonably simple. To document the Viking Garden, capturing all of its beauty and stunning layout, planting and accessorising. To get photographs of the garden designer Will finalising and tending to the garden – but also to capture Will interacting with visitors.

Another aspect of the brief was to capture as many guests admiring and enjoying the Viking Garden. So whether famous, royalty or friends of Viking, capturing everyone enjoying the beautiful garden was key.

Lastly, the award. “If ” Viking won an award, capture the presentation and feelings thereafter.

Story of the Shoot

As always, I arrived early, wandered around the vast Hampton Court gardens until eventually I found the Viking Garden – and boy was it beautiful. Knowing Viking as I do, I could see how the garden made sense and fitted their brand, style and look.

I set about capturing a wide range of views of the garden. Gorgeous big wide shots as well as more intimate close up and flower details. The garden table set up made a great focal point and the permanent gazebo structure perfectly framed the rear of the garden – creating a stunning background.

Once Will, the designer, was happy, we created a range of portraits of him within the garden itself. A mixture of to the =camera and lifestyle shots as I asked him to tend to the garden. These were sent off for very early press releases.

Then the guests started to come round. We were visited by so many people, from politicians, to actors, to dancers to tv presenters. Everyone loved the garden, spirits were high and we created some beautiful images of the guests with the Viking garden working as the most gorgeous backdrop.

It was great fun meeting Prue Leith, Bill Bailey, Judy Murray and even Princess Kate who walked around flanked by school children.

At the end, the awards, not only did Will win his first medal, it was Gold. Well done will and well done Viking.

"Thank you so much for these gorgeous images. You have captured the Viking Garden, the atmosphere and the whole event so brilliantly. The photographs of the garden are tremendous, they show so much detail, they look so real - just like you are stood there"

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