Epic Aerial Drone Photography & Film

Show your world from another perspective

Drone Aerial Photography & Film

It’s hard to convey the scale of a site, the size of a crowd, the context of your surroundings or even just to show something large from ground level – it just doesn’t work or do it justice. 

All too commonly, that best angle, that perfect vantage point isn’t from the ground –  it’s from up there!!

Frustrating right?

Not any more. Now you can take to the skies with drones, opening up endless opportunities & perspectives with which I can create incredible, high impact (excuse the pun) engaging content for you to share.

Let’s add the impressive, scroll stopping impact of drone perspectives to your content. Guaranteed to stand out, raise visibility & engagement.

Adam Hillier; AHP Photography; Corporate Photographer; Commercial Photographer; Newbury; Berkshire; Qualified Drone Pilot, Drone Photographer & Drone Film Maker

Why Drone Photography & Film?

IMPACT. With the number of images viewers are bombarded with every day – yours need to stand out, stop viewers in their tracks – drone perspectives certainly do that

Better Perspective. Drones aren’t just for epic scenery. They enable perspectives that show your whole facility, your location in relation to it’s surroundings, the scale of your event or the crowd, showcase a property you are selling or even a large fleet of vehicles – things that are almost impossible to do in the best way from ground & eye level. 

VARIETY. Drone photography & film adds refreshing variety to your content & this keeps your audience interested

ENGAGEMENT. Viewers love drone perspectives, there’s a built in curiosity & intrigue in our nature when we see things we can’t normally see – & people love to talk about & share that experience with others


How Your Drone Content Creation works

1. Book A Call

Book a call with me so we can discuss all aspects of your requirements. 

This will enable me to provide a free no obligation quote tailored to exactly what you need

2. Flight Planning

I’ll plan exactly how to create incredible, engaging drone content for your business.

Safety is key, so I carry out detailed planning so each & every flight is conducted as safely as possible

3. Risks & Flights

I’ll perform an onsite risk assessment on the day, checking for all possible hazards & implementing required precautions before take off.

Each flight will then be carried out to capture your content & you’re welcome to be involved 

4. Post Production

All captured photographs & film content then go through post production.

When complete your new, high impact, content will be delivered, sized perfectly for you to start sharing

My Drones

DJI Mavic 3 Pro Drone Photographer
DJI Avata Drone Photographer
DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone Photographer

I own & fly a range of different drones, each lending itself to different scenarios & shot requirements . All of my drones are regularly maintained, tested & flown in accordance with my CAA approved procedures. I am an experienced, insured & fully trained drone pilot whilst also being a creative photography & film content creator.

Drone Aerial Films

Drone film footage is epic but also flexible. It can be a film that is all drone footage or the drone footage can be used as immersive clips within a film that uses ground and aerial angles. Here are some examples of full drone films

Drone Aerial Photography

Engaging Drone photography & Film

Intrigue with a different perspective

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