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Bespoke Kitchen Installation Photoshoot

The Brief

I’m fortunate to get to see all of the beautiful work this highly skilled cabinet maker does. Oram kitchens, a bespoke, custom designed and hand made kitchen specialist uses myself to create stunning galleries of each kitchen he creates. These projects he puts on his website and they bring in the next kitchen – so these really are images that sell.

The brief is always clear. Make someone feel like they are in this space, make them fall in love and aspire to having a kitchen like this themselves.

The main constraint on these jobs is working within people’s homes. They are not a set. we need to work with and enhance the natural lighting of the room, then dress the room so it translates to camera and the angles we are shooting from.

Ultimately its about creating a spacious feel where you can see the craftsmanship and the special details that feature in each kitchen.

Story of the Shoot

Having met the home owners & reassured them that I am safe to leave in the exquisite new kitchen I begin work. Having decided upon my big hero shots, I dress the room for each angle that I am going to shoot. Each angle is studied by eye to notice any obstructions or annoyances – before we shoot.

Lighting is a big factor when shooting these interiors. One should could easily be a composite of upto 10 shots or more as I use careful lighting to bring each area of the kitchen alive.

Once the big main hero shots are complete, it’s on to the small details, the little touches, handles, built in chopping boards, hidden spice racks etc. I’m looking for areas that show skilled workmanship, quality products and beautiful artistry or creativity.

Bring all of these together and you can create a gallery that will be details and aspirational, to create that desire in the next homeowners mind.

Project Gallery

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