Sweaty Betty Retail Outlet

The Brief

The huge Sweaty Betty womens’ gym clothing brand opened a new outlet within Camp Hopson in Newbury. This concession store brought many challenges to what seemed a simple photoshoot.

We were tasked with capturing the space within 30 minutes, prior to opening on their first day and with the aim of making the space look large whilst not showing too much of the store around this section. So working around staff who were frantically finishing the setup, showing the space from the multiple angles shoppers would see. We also did some great detail shots that the client wasn’t expecting that added depth to the image options.

The client wanted to use the images that day in both press and social media to drive awareness of their new branch, for speed we took the laptop, edited on site and within half an hour of finishing the shoot the client had posted their first images on social media – now thats exceeding a clients expectations and smashing a brief!!

Project Gallery

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