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McClaren F1 Sponsorship Event

The Brief

Alive with ideas, a wonderful creative marketing agency near Basingstoke in Hampshire, commissioned me to photograph an event held in London, at the Office of British American Tobacco.

The event, as it turned out was going to excite me very much. As a massive Formula One Grand Prix fan, the event was to celebrate a sponsorship deal for the McLaren F1 team – to top if off two of their drivers were going to be there.

I needed to document the entire event. To show the layout, the presentation and capture the atmosphere with the excited staff – who might also want to get photos taken.

I needed to ensure I got photographs of Zak Brown talking and cutting the ribbon as well as photographs of the two drivers, Carlos Sainz and Britains own Lando Norris.

Story of the Shoot

The event was such a success. I was there very early, giving me the chance to get some detail shots as well as show the context of the area in which the event was taking place.

Slowly, staff started to appear and the buzz began to grow. I had my centre stage place approved so I sat tight, not willing to lose this key spot to anyone. From here I was able to capture excited staff filing in and looking with anticipation at the F1 car that was covered in a black drape.

Very soon, the speakers started and the photography flowed. Before I knew it I was conducting a few group shots in front of the gorgeous bright orange Mclaren F1 car – with some of my racing heroes and the incredible Zak Brown (The big boss of McLaren).

Presentation over,  A huge line appeared as I started to photograph the staff with the two drivers perched on the front of the car. Everyone, including the marketing team were so happy that I was willing to do this. It added so much to the event.

After the event, when the images were delivered to hit the world’s press, the feed back from everyone was just so positive and Mclaren have requested me specifically for the next event.

"Thank you so much for your efforts at the McLaren event. The client is so happy with how you worked, how you were with all the guests and how you didn't hold anything up and just blended in with proceedings. As for the image quality and speed of turn around, they are blown away and they themselves want to book you for another event"

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