Lifestyle Branding Portraits

These portraits are different from headshots. They are designed to encapsulate you, who you are in this world, how others see you and the brand identity you want to project of yourself.

It sounds a bit complex, but it’s not. We make this easy, by allowing plenty of time at the beginning to really get to know you. The real you. What matters to you most, what about life you love and what your aims and goals are.

With this newfound  information, together, we can plan a set of images that bring the very best of you. A set of images that define you. A set of images that simply scream YOU.

Lifestyle Photography - Adam Hillier Photography

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Lifestyle Photography - Adam Hillier Photography

Why choose us?

  • We’re known for really getting to know our clients in order to know how best to photograph them.
  • We explore who you are as a person, likes, passions, hobbies, goals, ambition – what makes you, you – in work and at leisure
  • It’s no secret that most people dislike the thought of having their photo taken. We take the fear away, put people at ease and help build confidence quickly. We’re photographers, but we are in the business of people
  • We make the  whole process enjoyable – one you’ll remember happily
  • We use incredible lighting designed to enhance features and soften any imperfections
  • Lastly, all images are retouched, by hand, to enhance and make them pop!